Our Values



One day all women will know how to look after their body. From the very base of their hormonal health to how they can move their body without limits. We are more that a gym.


One Team

We work in synergy bringing together individual skills and expertise to create the best possible outcomes for you, the women of Fonseca Fitness.



We are passionate about creating the best possible energy within our classes & 1-1 environments whilst also investing in our knowledge for the women of Fonseca Fitness.


Holistic Approach

We work with you from the inside out. We look at overall health, wellness and foundation of movement ensuring you feel confident in and outside of the gym.



We educate girls and women to inspire them to be the change we want in our communities.

Mission Statement

Fonseca Fitness is an all-encompassing environment for women. We want women to have the confidence to train throughout life, taking into consideration the role hormones play and understanding how they can impact your overall health. We want to support women in training from pre-natal, through to pregnancy, post-natal, and motherhood. The busy working women, the women who want to maintain a strong body as they age and those that want to try something new when it comes to fitness and wellbeing.

Our memberships aim is to give the women of Fonseca Fitness the opportunity to progress with guidance, education and training in a supportive community to work towards their individual goals.

Fonseca Fitness is about creating an exclusive community that women desire to be a part of. Why? Because there is nothing else like it.

The environment will provide an exclusive membership, with unlimited access to a variety of classes, 1-1 personal training, nutritional support, along with discount on supplements and clothing brands that work with Fonseca Fitness.


Great facilities, equipment and feel. I’ve just been to my first class, definitely aching but can’t wait to get fit! - Hannah Kheller

Despite being really tough it was really enjoyable. Something about doing weight based stuff feels really empowering, you want to complete the reps and fight for it. Lovely to do the class with other woman and sweat care free. - Charlie Utton

Loads of parking, fresh and new with a huge selection of classes and equipment, instructors are awesome and friendly. I look forward to my time in this gym. - Nicola Marshall

I joined 2 weeks ago starting with the Mama & Baby & post natal classes, there great! The atmosphere is amazing, so welcoming and I love the personal touches with in the gym. I was never a fan of exercising or gyms but I find myself getting excited about my next class, I feel like I’m pushing myself but in a safe way after having a baby. And just after 2 weeks Iv lost an inch & a half off my waist and 1 inch off my legs Everyone is lovely here and loving the vibe of the whole setting! Defo recommend this women’s only gym!! - Vicky Saunders

After resetting my fitness journey after 3 years I have found somewhere that is fun, challenging but so supportive! I can’t wait to see where this fitness journey takes me - Louise Powell

Felt so welcomed as soon as I arrived to mum and baby class, farah always says hi and asks how we are. Such a friendly atmosphere, everyone is so nice. I'm so glad there's an all female gym here in Basingstoke - Beth Dawson

So happy I came back after having my baby! Such a positive place to be and all the girls are so lovely. I actually feel excited to work out again! Can’t thank farah and Zoe enough for accepting me back and helping me! - Kim Rutherford

Great mix of classes, no class is ever the same which is fun as you never know what you’re walking into and it never gets boring. My confidence in knowing how to do the exercises has gone up which I wouldn’t have gotten at a gym or in big classes plus having the confidence to push myself. Meeting some lovely new people and always fun having the same faces in the classes as well, great comradery. Thanks Zoe and Farah! - Steph Church

Opening times:
Monday-Friday: 6am-8pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8am-12pm